Your body is talking, Are you listening?

Here’s the deal…

I have had hashimoto’s for three years now. I am not totally “cured” whatever that means, but I am doing so much better than I was. For a long time I felt overwhelmed by life, it was all I could do to get through the day. Everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary did’t get done. I felt like a bad mom, a bad wife, I felt ashamed and embarrassed that for whatever reason I couldn’t do all the things I thought I should be able to.

I measured myself everyday by looking at the people around me - trying to come up with solutions or excuses for my “problem”. If only I had more money, or more help, if only I was stronger or smarter or more organized. If I didn’t need so much sleep…

Having Autoimmune felt like an unjust jail sentence and I kept wondering what I had done wrong to deserve this. I was stuck and didn’t have the energy to push forward. So i chose to stop, to hit pause.

Instead of looking outside myself for the answers I turned inward. I leaned into my knowledge and expertise and went deep. Deep into the practice of rebuilding my energy reserves, to nourishing myself and to stop putting everyone else in my life first.

Do you feel like your body is failing you? You just want to feel better!

Are you constantly breaking promises to yourself?

Is life running you a little ragged?

You want to do everything better, but you just need to get through today?

Do you constantly promise yourself you'll do it tomorrow, today you are too tired?

Do you long for a Pause or Reset button in your life?  

Step towards the lifestyle changes you need to make!

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