Just Breathe

One day last week I noticed as I had taken more on I was subsequently more tired.  Makes total sense right?  More Output of Energy requires more input of energy.  If it makes so much sense why is it so difficult to do?  Simply because most of us have created a habit of letting the things that nourish us go when we get busy and putting our commitments to ourselves on the bottom of the list.  It is totally illogical that on the days we need to do more we let go of the very things that sustain us.  

That morning I woke up did my meditation and morning ritual and noticed I was more tired than I had been.  Off we went to tennis and while Ella played with her coach Charlotte and I hit balls.  I enjoyed it, but was aware of my fatigue!  From there we had to pick up a gift for a friend and run a few errands.  By the time I got home I noticed I was being reactive.  My husband asked for some help with work and my children and myself needed feeding before running off to the next event on the schedule for the day.  I was short tempered and tired. 

Knowing that I still had a busy day ahead I made sure I ate some nutrient rich food that would carry me through but then I continued to scurry around and later found myself feeling much the same way.  My day had an underlying emotion.  I was annoyed and just wanted to be selfish.  To lock myself away from my family and to be left alone.  I had to laugh at myself to pause and reflect - what is the point of taking my kids here or there and trying to have fun if I was completely unavailable.  Long story short I tapped into my power.  Instead of feeling week and victimized by all I had to do for everyone else (my story) I took some time to sit down and do ashort breath practice. It is amazing what five minutes of breath can do to shift your energy.  To alleviate some of the self imposed stress I was feeling I accomplished one chore that had been bothering me. 

Know yourself, your tendencies - I know most of the time when I am feeling this way it has absolutely nothing to do with others expectations of me and everything to do with my expectations of myself.  Clearly it is a practice and we are not going to get it right all the time but the more practiced we become at seeing our tendencies the more we can shift and create change. One of the most valuable ways this shows up in my life is in my ability to be present for my family!  

Leah Carver