Having the courage to change is not always easy.  We are very good at excuses, like we are constantly looking for reasons for our lives (marriage, work, health etc) to not be where we wish them to be.  It seems the people who really do it and do it well don’t make these excuses, they recognize where they failed, learn from it and move on.  For the rest of us we pretend it didn’t happen or it was out of our control.  Usually it takes something significant to get our attention and even then are we really willing to be open minded and create change.  If things are not working for us - why are we so attached to them?  Why do we have to pretend that we are not the reason for the problem?  You know that saying “where ever you go, there you are”.  


If we don’t know how to create the change we need to create we should reach out and get a mentor.  For the last 12 years of my life I have consistently had a teacher.  I have grown and evolved and so my teachers have changed.  Recently I decided to listen to a call I have had for a while to write a book.  I have heard this little voice speaking to me for years but have pushed it away.  What do I know about writing a book? Honestly I didn’t know where to start.  So I hired a coach and put my money where my mouth is.  I invested in my dream and I am setting myself up for success by getting the teacher I need to help me reach my dream.  


I am approaching 40 this year and am really realizing nobody is going to create the perfect situation for me to step into my dharma (purpose) except me.  Two questions I ask myself frequently is “What’s the worst that could happen if i worked towards that dream”?  and “What’s the worst that could happen if i don’t”?  I find myself more and more wanting to choose to step towards my inner wisdom and recognizing it’s a lot worse to stay stuck in this gray, neutral “safe” place.  


Follow your dreams, make it happen and if you don’t know how, find a teacher to guide you.  Have the courage to be an advocate for your dreams.  Know you deserve to feel purposeful.  We don’t come into this world knowing everything, everyday lends experience and growth.  We are supposed to fall down before we can walk and we have to walk before we can run.  Don’t let unrealistic expectations of yourself give you the repeated message that you are not good enough or that you shouldn’t be willing to fail.  


The one thing that has become incredibly clear to me this last few years is if you don’t feel well you can not possibly show up in a way that will represent you fully.  Focus on your health and you will be amazed at the creativity that starts to grow.

Leah Carver