What does it mean to Rest?

I am sitting here in my library/office today as the rain pours and just feeling what there is to feel.  Life in general has so many layers - lots of things to process.  Noticing how we attach thoughts to different daily occurrences.  Having Hashimoto’s has taught me to pay more attention to what is going on.  To not just keep packing on the experiences but to spend time in quiet reflection noticing.  Listening to my inner workings.  It is difficult to do at first, we have done a good job of conditioning ourselves to push through.  To react to what is going on and not spend too much time reflecting.  I actually enjoy these moments where I can just be.  I can sit with a cup of tea and feel and listen.  


In contrast to this I remember not to long ago when I would come home from a busy day andI would crawl into bed and turn on the tv.  I was so exhausted at the time that I really didn’thave the ability to remember a better way to take care of myself.  I just wanted to check out and honestly felt a certain annoyance to anything that made me check back in i.e. cooking dinner, laundry etc.  I was exhausted but here is the thing I am not sure we really realize about rest -   When we rest in front of the tv we are not really resting.  There is an onslaught of information and stimulation.  We can feel all kinds of things while we sit there watching the movie - sad, scared, nervous etc.  In fact I think this is what makes good tv, right?  Sometimes we are really in the mood for a sad movie or a romantic comedy (my husband loves these- lol).  


While this is what makes for good tv it is not what makes for good rest.  When we rest not sleep it is a time for us to digest not just our food but our day - our thoughts our feelings etc.  When we take the time to reflect daily we are taking stock and keeping inventory.  It gives us the opportunity to notice if something is bothering us and we can make a plan of action even if that plan means to do less.  This helps to stop the 3am wake up and worry session.  


It seems in this age of technology we spend less time being.  We move from one place to the next with our device in hand, blasting music, listening to podcasts, taking pictures etc.  This is the world we live in and I too am guilty of all of these but inserted in there I have learned to add some space and its amazing what shows up.  I encourage you to give yourself the gift of rest.  Insert into each day just a few minutes of being- notice and listen.  Give that wise voice within the opportunity to be heard and you will soon notice that you start to desire it more frequently.  

Comment below and let me know where your favorite places to just be are.  


Love and Peace - Leah

Leah Carver